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Invertebrate Zoology with Laboratory (5 units, syllabus)

Marine Biology (4 units, syllabus)

Invertebrate zoology, fieldtrip

My Philosophy

  • Students have the right to learn in a safe and welcoming environment. I promote respect and understanding in my classroom, and I get to know my students to best address their needs.

  • My pedagogical strategies are dedicated to teaching science in ways that will inspire students from all experiences and backgrounds, and positively influence their lives. My courses include interactive activities to keep students engaged and motivated.

  • Students are complex and as such, they learn and express their knowledge in different ways. I address diverse learning styles, adopt teaching strategies that are effective for my students, and assess their learning with different types of evaluations to maximize their chances of success.

Laboratory and discussion sections taught at the UC Berkeley:


Upper-division courses

- Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands (IB 157LF), 13 units, 1 semester

- Paleobiological Perspectives on Ecology and Evolution (IB 113L), 4 units, 4 semesters

Lower-division courses

- General Biology (BIO 1B), 4 units, 2 semesters

- Origins: From the Big Bang to the Emergence of Humans (C13), 4 units, 2 semesters

- Oceans (C82), 3 units, 1 semester

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